KILZ Sealer Stain Blocking Primer is #1 because it Works!

There is a KILZ Sealer Stain Blocking Primer for every project. From general purpose surface preparation to heavy-duty stain and odor coverage, there’s a KILZ primer that will do the job.  The KILZ line of primers offers superior color coverage, mildew resistance and tough stain and odor blocking in fast-drying, easy-to-apply formulas for both interior and exterior applications.

Professionals know that to ensure the best finish, you need a well-prepared surface.  Let KILZ Primers help make sure you get the results you want with your next painting project.  KILZ Sealer Stain Blocking Primershave powerful stainblocking formulas that handle most interior stains, including water, smoke, tannin, ink, lipstick, pencil, crayon, felt marker, red wine, dark paint and grease. It even seals the odors caused by pets, smoke, and nicotine.

KILZ exterior Stain Blocking Primer is a fast drying sealer-primer-stainblocker that was developed to block stains on exterior surfaces including brick, painted metal, wood, aged masonry and stucco. Its effective oil-base stainblocking formula also makes it an excellent choice for tough restoration work.

For a complete selection of KILZ Sealer Stain Blocking Primers visit today.

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